Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Favorite Things!!!!!

OMG!!!! I went to my LSS the other day.... Shocker there!! LOL And they got a whole shipment in of the new My Favorite Things:Pure Innocence Line!!! I just love these!!!!! They are sooooo adorable!!!!

Thank you so much for looking!!!


  1. lol...i was wondering when i would see this stamp line on your blog!!! you are too funny! do you have VIP status at your lss, lol!!! these cards are darling and sweet! tfs:):) tinla

  2. i know right? they are so stinkin' cute that i bought a whole bunch too! tfs more ideas :)

  3. Aaaahh!! Sooo funny, I got some of these "cuties" too. I KNOW! Aren't they adorable? And yes, these cards of yours are darlings. Much thanks for the inspirations and the stitching is a great touch..!! TFS :o)

  4. My favorite things are ALL of these cards! Girl you are on fire. These cuties are very addicting. It seems everytime I turn around new ones are out. Working used to be for eating, now I work to buy stamps!!! It is so fabulous to see your work my friend!