Sunday, April 11, 2010

Doggy card!!

I made a card for someone that had to put their dog down last week. I never really new the owners, but I walk by their house Monday through Friday's and their dog (A chocolate Lab) was almost always outside, and would come over and greet me and Phoebe. ( Phoebe is the dog I walk) She was the sweetest dog ever, and was always so happy to come and see us.
It was a shock to me that they had to put her down, I think she was 13 or 14. But she always seemed so happy and fairly healthy. So sad!

So I made up this little card for them and put it in their mailbox when I walked by.

The image is by Inky Antic's, I am so inlove with this company!!

I did a gate fold card! I am really in a Gate fold card kick right now!! LOL I love them!!

I added some adorable paw print paper, and used scallop circles around the image, and colored in the doggy with my copics. Luckily I had some paw print ribbon to add to it!

I stamped on the inside of it with my most favorite saying "Pets leave Paw prints on our hearts"

Thank you so much for looking!!!

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  1. Bless you Lindsay for making them a card!!! And such a cute card. I too love Inky Antics. I have several of their images sittin on my 'beloved stamp shelf'. It should be called the hoarders shelf, cause I hardly use the images on it!! I'm sure they will appreciate the gesture. You are such a sweetie!!!