Thursday, June 24, 2010

a few more!!!! ;)

And then there were more!!! ;)

Thanks for browsing!!! ;) Hope you like them!!!

here are some more!!!

I am having a blast making so many different cards! i have been working on halloween cards this week, then onto pet cards, then X-mas, then who knows!!! LOL!

Hope you enjoy!!

Cards Cards Cards!!!

I have been so busy lately, i just havent had the time to blog lately!!!!

Well today I am going to post some of the cards I have made these past few weeks. I am doing a little craft fair in July, I am really anxious to see how I do there. Will be fun to see how well I do.

if you have questions on any of the cards, just ask!!!! I don't have the time right now to explain them all! Sorry!!!!

Thank you so much for the love and support on my blog!!! ;)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sketchy Thursday!!!! 88!!

Well Hello again!!!! LOL!! I finally got my act together and did another Sketchy Thursday!!! WOOHOOO!!!

I have just been so crazy busy, pet sitting, niece sitting, making cards like crazy for a craft fair I am doing, I just completely neglected Sketchy thursdays!!!! Yikes!!

Well hopefully I will start doing them more now!! ;)

I made this card for my craft fair. It came out cute, I'm still not too sure about it.....?

I used my micro glitter and peel off's for the cake! It has mens ties on it!! how cool is that!! I need to start making cards for men/boys. I never make them, they are so hard to do sometimes. Especially when I don't have manly paper or embellishments!! LOL

I have been wanting to do these cake peel off's I got, and glitter the heck out of them!! I just have so much fun doing these!!! They are super easy and come out gorgeous!!!

I used regular bright green paper, and then for the funky orange rectangles. I used my nesties dies to cut them out. They were white, and then I airbrushed them yellow and orange!!! I think they came out awesome!! I didn't have any bright orange paper, so I made my own!!! LOL!! I just love airbrushing!! So much fun!!

Then of course I needed to add some bling, it's black, so it's manly!! LOL

Thank you so much for looking! feels great to be back!!!!