Sunday, April 11, 2010

Micro Glitter!!!!

OMG!!!! I took the most amazing card class at my LSS yesterday!! The instructor introduced us to Micro Glitter!! Just when I thought Glitter couldn't get any more amazing!!!! LOL!!

We used these amazing "Peel Off's" Stickers! They are so pretty!! I will post the cards we made in class in a seperate post.
This card I made at home for my cousin who is graduating College!! Hooray!

I used this amazing stuff called "Be Creative Tape" This Tape comes in sheets, and you can cut it to any size or shape you want!! I love it!
Once you put it on your card to where you want it, you just pour the glitter all over it and BAM!! Glittered paper!!! LOL
There are endless possibilities with this Tape!!

Anywho! I covered the two flaps on the gate fold card with this tape, and glittered both of them with different colors! so pretty!

Then I peeled off the outline of a butterfly and colored it in with my water brush and Jelly roll pens!!! This is another amazing way to color images that we learned in the class!!!
We used the Metallic jelly roll pens, we colored a little bit onto a plastic surface, then used the water brush to mix it up a tiny bit and get the color onto your brush, then color part of the image. When it's all dry it has a gorgeous Metallic shine to it!

Thank you for reading all of this!!! LOL!!

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