Friday, January 8, 2010

WOW!!!!!! Zentangles!!!!!

Hello everyone!!!
I am still Alive LOL!!!!
Well I Finally moved into the new house!!! It is so wonderful!! I love it here!! It has been crazy hectic around here, moving boxes everywhere and unpacking what I can. The movers were great with all of our things, they were so fast and very nice!
Hopefully by this Sunday I should be more organized and have everything in it's place, and then be able to start making cards again!!!!
I havent made a card in almost 3 weeks!!!!! Thats a sin!!!!! LOL I am getting so antsy to start getting crafty again!!!

I was able to take a crafty class at my LSS, It was an artsy, drawing/doodling type class. The class was called, Zentangles. This type of art is sooooooo amazing!!!! I just love love love it!!!!!!!! I am so amazed at how much fun zentangles is and how relaxing it is, and also it is so much easier to do than it looks.

Here are some pictures of the Zentangles I did, This is all hand drawn. I learned 8 different patterns to draw, There are more classes that i am going to try and take, and learn more patterns. I just love it!!! if you want to learn more about Zentangles, they have a website all about it. Go there and take a look, you just might fall inlove with what you see!!!!!!

Thanks for reading my looonngggg post LOL!!

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  1. Wow, Lindsay, what a very interesting class! Sounds like you had alot of fun and that is the most important part. Have a lovely day! Tinla