Sunday, January 24, 2010

Amuse Pajama Party!! Challenge #1

YAY!!! The Amuse Pajama Party was so much fun tonight!! Everyone was great! and Everyones cards came out amazing!!

So here is the first card for Challenge number 1, The challenge was to make a card for a Celebrity Crush you have. My celebrity Crush is Adam Sandler!!!! hehe!! He is just so funny, and cute!!! I love all of his movies!!!

So what i did with the card is used the Cityscape Stamp, because Adam loves New York City, and lives there, and makes movies there all the time. So I thought this stamp was perfect!

I made a little road and used my Slice Machine to cut out the little buggy Car!! Thought that was so perfect!! hehe!
And i used the clouds stamp to add a little more to the card, and colored around them with light blue Copics. The buildings I used the W2 grey Copic marker on, I think this card came out really cute!!

Thanks so much for looking!!!!


  1. Totally cute and perfect for Adam Sandler! So fun! Thanks so much for playing along Lindsay! :)

  2. very fun! Great New York scene... Sandler is a total cutie

  3. I love him, too. I'm a sucker for a funny guy. And Alexander obviously have good taste! I'm so excited for True Blood to come back this summer! I'm almost done with all of the books. Nice to see you at the PJ party tonight! Btw, love your zentangles, too! :)

  4. Thank you so much Jennie,Jill, and Krystie Lee. Adam Sandler is a cutie!!! hehe!!!

    Krystie, I am also reading the sookie stackhouse books!!! They are awesome!! The show is amazing!!! I love it!! Wish we didn't have to wait til summer for the new season! LOL!!!

    Thank you for looking at my Zentangles!! Aren't they great!!! I just love doing them!! So much fun!!!

    Thank you everyone!!