Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Zentangles!!!!!!

I took another Zentangles class today!!! And WOW!!!! Super Fun!!!!! I learned 4 new designs that I can doodle! hehe! They are great!!
We made a Valentines day card, and we also got to make a heart Charm!! It came out sooo pretty!!! I love it!!!

I guess I'm going to be buying some tools to make some charms LOL!!! oh lordy!!! LOL!

Thanks so much for looking!!!!


  1. This is sick. (a new word I picked up from my 17 year old nephew). Its a good thing. I love these projects. wicked cool art. I updated my blog just a bit ago. Miracles do happen. LOL!!
    Are u all settled in?

  2. this is so pretty, what a fabulous design...have a wonderful evening!

    enjoy *~*

  3. Thanks Tami, and Teresa!!!!!

    I just love love love Zentangles!!! It's so much fun, and there are endless possiblities with it!!!!

    Tami, i am all settled in yay!!!! But now I will be very very busy pet sitting every where!! LOL, So I will hardly be home for a few months. But I will try to get crafty here and there!!