Friday, June 18, 2010

Sketchy Thursday!!!! 88!!

Well Hello again!!!! LOL!! I finally got my act together and did another Sketchy Thursday!!! WOOHOOO!!!

I have just been so crazy busy, pet sitting, niece sitting, making cards like crazy for a craft fair I am doing, I just completely neglected Sketchy thursdays!!!! Yikes!!

Well hopefully I will start doing them more now!! ;)

I made this card for my craft fair. It came out cute, I'm still not too sure about it.....?

I used my micro glitter and peel off's for the cake! It has mens ties on it!! how cool is that!! I need to start making cards for men/boys. I never make them, they are so hard to do sometimes. Especially when I don't have manly paper or embellishments!! LOL

I have been wanting to do these cake peel off's I got, and glitter the heck out of them!! I just have so much fun doing these!!! They are super easy and come out gorgeous!!!

I used regular bright green paper, and then for the funky orange rectangles. I used my nesties dies to cut them out. They were white, and then I airbrushed them yellow and orange!!! I think they came out awesome!! I didn't have any bright orange paper, so I made my own!!! LOL!! I just love airbrushing!! So much fun!!

Then of course I needed to add some bling, it's black, so it's manly!! LOL

Thank you so much for looking! feels great to be back!!!!


  1. i cannot believe that you have an airbrushing system....your craft room must be fully stocked by now, lol!!! this card is so beautiful with the glitter and good for you for making your own orange paper! so wonderful to see you playing this week, lindsay! tfs:):) tinla

  2. Wow! That glitter's so perfect, it looks like stained glass!

  3. LOL Tinla!!!! My room is getting smaller!! LOL!! I was lucky to have a friend let me borrow her air compressor!! Now I know I need t buy one!!! I just love it!!! The possibilities are endless!!!

    Elizabeth, The glitter is amazing! it's called micro fine glitter, this glitter is completely flat after you glitter it on this special sticky paper! It's awesome!!! Nice and smooth!!

  4. OMG!!! Girl I knew you were busy, but this is beyond busy!!! I am LOVING everything you are making too. Lindsay is on FIRE!!!! I have missed you playing along with us, but I can see your time has been well spent. You are gonna kick you know what at that craft fair!!