Wednesday, May 26, 2010


WOW!!!! So so sorry I haven't posted anything on here in so long!! I've just been crazy busy with life!! LOL!! But I am back!!! yay!!

Okay, I am addicted to my little airbrushing system for my copic markers!! LOL!! I just love it!!! There are so many endless possibilities with it!!! It's amazing!!!

Sooooo, I found some old stencils that i have had forever, and never really used them, So I finally have a reason to use them!! LOL

I have been having a hard time doing "Simple" cards, I just love to keep adding, adding and adding things to my cards LOL. I can never do just simple, quick and easy cards! I've been coming up with some ideas, to try and do quick cards.

The stencil sheet I found has all kinds of summery things on it, like the sun, and waves, and fish for the ocean. It's really cute!! And once I saw the sun on the stencil I was in love!! haha! Okay I know I'm crazy, this heat is getting to me, blah....

Anywho, I used golden yellow and honey on my sun, and then added some waves on the bottom to make the ocean. I used robins egg blue, and mint green on the ocean. Then I wanted to add clouds, so I air brushed them too!! LOL I used robins egg blue again, for the clouds.

The only thing I stamped was the sentiment, by A Muse!!

Hope you like it!!!

Thank you for looking!!!!