Saturday, February 13, 2010

Some more cards!!!

I have been on a roll lately!!!! I've been having a blast making some cards in my free time!!!!

I've been making some birthday cards for people, and some Valentine cards!! I am having a blast!!! hehe!!

I have been sticking to my new years resolution, not buy any new paper until I use up what I have, or most of it. I have so much wonderful paper that i forgot I had LOL!!
I also have not bought any ribbon!! yay!!! I am using what I have, and I have tons!!! LOL!!

I did buy some new stamps, which is okay, that wasn't part of my resolution LOL!! I did that on purpose!! hehe!! I'm tricky!!! LOL!

Thank you so much for looking at my cards!!!!


  1. holey! you are on FIRE, girl!!! check out these fantasitc cards!! all so well done! i commmend you on sticking to your new year's resolution; i have broken mine many times over, but at least not as severely as i did last year:). now that v-day is over, i cna be good and stay out of michaels' til hallowe'en, lol...we'll see if i can do this! take care and tfs!! tinla

  2. Girl, you're on fire here!! Woohoo!! Good for you. As always, it's really fun here. Not only I see 1 card but all four? Niceee!! Love them all Lindsay, keep them coming!! I'm with Tinla too, now that Vday is long gone, will try my best to stay away from Mikes too..we'll see how long that will hold up..heehee!! Thanks for sharing your creativity with all of us Lindsay! Take care my friend..